A little about NARR

NARR Basecamp

You might not know this but ACE Adventure Resort is actually a combination of three rafting companies: American-Canadian Expeditions (ACE), Wildwater, and North American River Runners (NARR). NARR became part of the team in 2009. In 1975, with nothing more than a pair of bucket boats and a Ford van former owner, Frank Lukacs began taking guests down the New River. That was during the era of rafting when no one wore helmets and every splash of white water that breeched the boat threatened to sink it unless it was scooped back out with a pickle bucket.

Over the next thirty years NARR held down heavy hitter status as one of the most respected and dynamic all-inclusive centers in the region. Meanwhile, a hop, skip & jump away -- ACE was right there with 'em. In many respects, both NARR and ACE share a similar story: we both started as fledgling river guide services with skeleton fleets and we both focused on bringing in top notch guides and training them above and beyond state regulations. ACE and NARR were the friendliest of rivals. We have always had eachothers backs on the river, happy to see 'em when things go right and when they sometimes go wrong.

NARR Rafting Trip

Over the years, the two companies paced one another expanding operations to open up a world of recreation and adventure to anyone lured here by promises of West Virginia-bonafide wild and wonderfulness. Zip line canopy tours, ropes courses, kayak and climbing instruction, on-site lodging accommodations, family events, dining and nightlife -- all this grew out of a passion for the thing we river rats call "Church": whitewater. Then, in 2009, after 33 incredible years in business as the 4th outfitter in the New River Gorge area, NARR merged under ACE. The merger stands out as an incredible moment in rafting business history in the Gorge. Imagine creating your dream team out of the best and baddest guides out there, and staffing your administration with some of the most creative minds we have the pleasure of calling our colleagues. And that's the story in a nutshell. Three highly respected raft guide companies under one roof. You could basically call us the Harlem Globetrotters of the river.

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